Customer Value Foundation

Customer Value Foundation (CVF) helps companies create and capture value at all levels, leading to increased shareholder wealth. Today, with the challenges of globalisation and uncertainty of the economy, it is important companies re-invent themselves to compete effectively. Value creation becomes a mantra for executives, leading to employee value, enhanced customer value, and value for partners, including suppliers, distributors and unions, and for owners. Our president, Mr Gautam Mahajan has written two books: Customer Value Investment: Formula for Sustained Business Success, and Total Customer Value Management: Transforming Business Thinking which describes work with the Tatas, and Godrej in India, Wisconsin Energies, State Farm Insurance, GE Capital among others, where loyalty, market share, sales, efficiency, teamwork, brand equity and profitability has increased including customer value added.

CVF has also helped companies capture value from Values. We are able to transform companies from the common belief that the management and leadership role is to manage and administer rather than to create value. We recently gave a seminar at a senior leadership program of the Aditya Birla Group, Wipro, Mahindra and Mahindra, Dr Reddy, Colgate, HDFC Bank and Genpact.

You can reach us at below address:

Gautam Mahajan
Customer Value Foundation
K-185, Surya Plaza Building
Sarai Jullena
New Delhi 110025
Telephone: 11-26922006, 26831226
Mobile: +91 98100 60368

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