Converting Call Centers from AGGRAVATION Centers to ACTION Centers: See American Express experience with scriptless service:

93%  of Consumers were not getting the service they expect

For years Customer Value Foundatoin have been advocating that call centers should change from AGGRAVATION Centers to ACTION Centers, and showing companies how to do so. If you need to know more, click here

Now American Express covered in a recent Fortune article under the care of Jim Bush, Customer Service Czar. Fortune reports:  Call-center customer service has become a finely honed discipline, but usually it seems honed to cut time: The agent is superficially friendly, but nothing can derail that person’s mission of getting you off the phone fast. Service at American Express wasn’t much different from that before Jim Bush was put in charge of it in 2005. His basic insight was that breaking with industry orthodoxy by transforming those conversations into less structured, more human engagements would pay off. Instead of evaluating service reps mainly by how quickly they got you off the phone, he based the interaction  on one question: Would you recommend this company to a friend? AmEx’s score has risen significantly under Bush’s direction, and he was right — it pays off. Customer spending is up, attrition is down. The service is SCRIPTLESS

Golden Rule — Treat others as you would like to be treated

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Gautam Mahajan
President-Customer Value Foundation

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3 Comments on “Converting Call Centers from AGGRAVATION Centers to ACTION Centers: See American Express experience with scriptless service:”

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  2. Dear Mr. Mahajan,

    Very well said. We know a lot of companies are working on process improvements using big jargon like Six Sigma and Lean. Managers discuss improving CSAT, ACHT, wait times, etc, for customer satisfaction and retention. However, the fact is that their customer satisfaction is totally governed by their Call Center staff – who have neither any authority to take decisions, nor any accountability to customer (every time you call a CC you are greeted by a new person, and you have to repeat your complete history again). And management thinks they are making huge improvements since the Six Sigma graphs show performance improvement trends! How far can these guys be from reality? Most interactions we have with CCs as customers, are so very frustrating.

    I sincerely hope Indian industry wakes up to this reality soon, otherwise we have no hope either for consumer, nor for the company itself.

    Dhruv Dar

  3. Hi Gautam
    I hope you are well – and more to the point – I hope you remember me!

    I read all your articles on Customer Value with great interest. I had the pleasure of working with Jim Bush when he was President for the Consumer Card business. I headed the Merchant Services business for the Indian subcontinent. He was as impressive in his role then as he is now – in fact a bit more! In one of my past blog posts, I had quoted how Jim Bush had turned around Customer Services at AmEx.

    If you’d like to read what I had written, here’s the link:

    These days I am aspiring to be a ‘prolific writer’! So, if you have time, you can see some of the other blog posts and articles I have written for People Matters.

    With best regards

    Oscar De Mello
    Mentor and Advisor
    On a Sabbatical

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