CSR or Capital Consciousness?

John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods states that Corporations are the most influential institutions in the world, and yet they are the least trusted. Companies often lack the sense of responsibility for other constituents, he adds. Yet, corporations spend money on CSR and treat these as cost centres. Customer Value Foundation helps companies gain and capture value from values they create, the corporate consciousness they have. We can prove such companies create more shareholder wealth than the normal companies. Do you want to be part of the new business paradigm? Do you want to be a Firm of Endearment that customers and stakeholders love doing business with and are willing to reward companies with business and increased prices.

Contact Customer Value Foundation if you wish to create value for yourself, your employees and customers, your partners including unions and finally for your investors. You can contact us to become more profitable by creating values , and capturing value. We also help in increasing Customer Value, loyalty, market share and profits.

Customer Value Foundation (CVF) helps companies create and capture value at all levels, leading to increased shareholder wealth.

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One Comment on “CSR or Capital Consciousness?”

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