Response to Pricing Seminar, Mumbai



This is what one of the reader of CVF Weekly Mailer said when he came through our flyer for One Day Pricing Seminar, Value Creation and Enhanced Pricing: Increase Profits Through Right Customer Value Pricing happening in Mumbai on 22nd Feb 2013.



Dear Mahajan Sahib



Congratulations for designing this program.



When I first read it, I smiled a little.I was wondering if business crooks in India have any further scope for raising prices as they are already looting the customers, specially after MM Singh became PM chanting globalisation and reforms  song.The truth is Indian companies are making hay while Singh shines.There is strong case for reduction of prices in overheated economy of India as on date rather than talking of raising any price further.Every quarter, these third rate  baniya companies of India raise prices without any fear or regulation.Bumper profits are being made by Indian baniyas half of which is diverted for tax evasion.This is one reason for continued high inflation in India.



After Singh became PM as head of a mafia gang, land prices have gone up 13 times and general prices including government prices 5 times by now.What value we are searching?



The customer has no means to search for value.I think there is time now for holding a national seminar to regulate this lawless country currently engaged in loot and plunder.To protect consumer and citizens rights.To search value for what customer is paying to the crooks.Not only Indian baniyas are churning out poor quality china assembeld goods but charging unfair and hefty prices in a cartel system.



You would agree that not a single economic or social metric is healthy in India and in comparison with even capitalist countries like USA.



For example you can get a good 2BR flat outside New York for 2.7 lac dollars against per capita income of 48000 dollars or 6 times whereas in Greater Noida also you can’t get a flat in less than 30 lacs or 50 times per capita income of Delhi.Forget about per capita of India.



What kind of reforms or liberalisation is going on?



It was just by the way My random reaction.

Best wishes for your seminar.

Prof R K Gupta


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