Creating Value is the key Role of an Executive

Have you asked yourself what you can do to create value for your employees, for your customers, for your partners, and thereby for your company and for yourself?.

Value for a company can be increased in many ways. Increasing cash flows, designing products for value taking customers’ perspective, building expectations in the stock market etc.

Unfortunately MBA’s are taught to run companies, to administer, to be efficiency experts, and therefore there are very few real value creators in a company. Can you name employees who are your value creators? What are they doing to help you create value?Do ask them or yourself.

Look at this video, to see how you can raise value in getting people to climb stairs. This demonstrates the fun principle. Let your customers have fun using your products.

Click to See Video

Customer Value Foundation can help you create Value creators!

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2 Comments on “Creating Value is the key Role of an Executive”

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  2. Creating Value is very important in every sphere of life.

    Mr Ahashanul K.
    S.I of Schools & Circle Project Co-ordinator
    School Education Deptt.,Govt. of West Bengal

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