Are you Ready to be a Change Leader and Become More Profitable?

“In a recent Aberdeen report 60% of companies reported that they weren’t able to increase customer satisfaction in 2012. 

With more than 80% of revenues coming from existing customers it is imperative for service organizations to focus on improving customer engagement.”

Why is this, with well-meaning managers and more money being spent, by listening to professionals? I get the feeling that the whole customer service scene is based on making front line and touch points effective and by using technologies. Company professionals and consultants push this. Unfortunately this is misguided. True Customer service improvement will come from a great Customer strategy (most companies have none or a one liner) built and involving every department, breaking silos and building the Customer’s Bill of Rights, and getting departments to promise they will make the Bill of Rights a reality. Then touch points can become enabled to promise customers and promises will be kept by the culturally enabled company.

Then you will see the improvement in customer service…and all this costs virtually nothing, because you are involving the right people and changing mindsets and breaking silos and keeping promises.

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