Business as Unusual

Think out of the box; think radically about your business

When you are looking at Business as Usual, take some time out to look at business as unusual. Whether you run an airline, a bank, a large manufacturing company such as fertilisers, a telecom company, a railway, an electricity company, a software company you think your business is airlines, banking, agri, telecom, power, software etc. And if you are stuck in a rut of thinking of yourself as a banker or an airline person, you will fail to innovate, and the business will slip past you in the future. So start your thinking now, start innovating now.

And when you look seriously, you will find you have a commonality with many other businesses and that is you deal with people, both employees and customers. In fact you are in the PEOPLE Business. As someone said the business of business is people (employees and customers).

All of you use technology, and your products are money management (banks), airlines, railways, fertilisers, power or software. But you have convinced yourself this is your business and everyone and everything else is meant to support your business. Mangers are more comfortable with technology, processes and products. People are not predictable and therefore CXOs concentrate on non people issues!

But if you were running a people business, you could run any product business by hiring technicians. Yet you prefer to be a technician working with people. And so your whole outlook is biased, it is myopic, because you are focused on the product.

So think about it and see how you can be in the People business, especially where your major assets are employees and customers. Then ask how you would change your business and your thinking.

A people business person would be indifferent to the product. The product business person is married to his product. He cannot go outside its portal.

By being in the People business (or thinking you are in it) you will create value for your employees and customers and outclass competition.

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