Do your Employees Feel Valued?

Reduce Employee Churn and Increase Customer Value

We have been saying that it is mandatory to have valued employees and to create value for employees so that you can create better value for your customers

Have you asked your employees if they feel valued? What are you doing to create valued employees? Do you measure employee value added to understand the needs of your employees and why they stay on with you or why they would move to some other employer and whether your competitor adds more or less value than you and why employees stay with him or leave him. With Employee Value Added, you can measure churn of employees.

Employee Value Added

 EVA =      Value you add to your employees
          Value your competitor adds to employee


Zappos has shown us that when you treat front line agents like CEOs, the quality of customer service skyrockets. You treat them as the people in charge of your customer experience from your end (i.e. the most important people in your business)

How you treat your employees directly reflects your customer satisfaction. Developing, empowering and respecting your employees will results in happy customers! “Employee experience is the foundation for Customer experience”

At the end of the day, trust is what it’s all about. If we don’t treat our employees the way we treat our best customers, they will stop trusting us. And it’s very difficult to get that trust back. This is very dangerous for the business! You end up losing the best hands and more problems recruiting new hands into the system.

How we treat our colleagues speaks volumes about the way we treat customers. That’s why we recommend a Courtesy System so that you are nice to your colleagues and your employees.

So start doing some nice things for your employees, pat them on the back, take them out for lunch etc., and make them feel valued.

When will you measure Employee Value Added?

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