Value Creation Course at IIT Mandi: Comments from Students


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Gautam Mahajan, President of Customer Value Foundation and Founder Editor of the Journal of Creating Value has given the first course in the world on Engineering and Value Creation to students at IIT Mandi. The comments of the students (see below) show the value created for them: Student comments for HS591 course at IIT Mandi: Engineering and Value Creation Comment 1. Pardon me for the delay, which is caused mainly due to my long time thinking on my capabilities and things which i am not capable of. I really want to thank you, and your course, due to which i got a chance to explore myself and know my gaps. Comment 2. Bridging the gap between knowledge and application?

  1. Solution to any problem can never be known until and unless one is having proper knowledge about the problem. For knowing the problem exactly one needs to be aware of the technologies, researches etc. He must be good at observing things and must have willingness to change.
  2. Theoretical knowledge in schools and colleges must be properly supported with practical ideas so that one gets aware of how and where to apply things correctly.

Comment 2. There were several things which I learnt after attending the class. I will try mentioning few of these

  • In 1st class when projector light was not visible nobody bothered to switch off the room light. I learn to become aware about surrounding stuff and provide solution
  • On 2nd day we went to canteen to find the problems. Actually there were very minute problems which can be solved with minimal cost like the garbage cleaning around the canteen. Awareness of this stuff is more necessary to money to improve them.
  • Roof of the Director’s office roof was partially painted. Problem was lack of responsibility. Everyone was just trying to finish off their work without responsibility.
  • Mess also having a problem with the food distribution and the large crowd. Problem was managerial deficiency.
  • On 2nd day, when we are visiting with the Professor, there was lot of marble dust around there. And it was there from past 3 years. Nobody wants to raise the voice and all ignore it. And the solution was simple to shift the work to non-crowd place. I became aware that to raise the voice and never ignore even the minute stuffs.

  Commnet 3.

  • Things learned?

1.)After attending classes of this course, I started to observe and analyse things in a different way. 2.) I learnt the importance and benefits  of being aware  of things around me. 3.) I also learnt  how to create  or increase the value of a thing. 4.) In this course, I got an idea of how can I  use knowledge which  I  gain to help the society and get success in corporate world. 5.) I also learnt about customer value, employee value and what company wants from employees. 6.) I also learnt how important it is to make a balance in life in order to meet the demand of the  company. Comment 4. Five things I became aware of after the class

  • Avoid having an attitude of ‘not being bothered’.
  • Observe the environment and surroundings around me.
  • How I can differentiate myself from the crowd.
  • The expectations of my employer from me.
  • Difference between value and values. Values create value. The more values I have, the more value I can create for my employer.

Comment 5. things I have become aware of:  I have noticed many things in our hostel like washroom tiles are not in symmetry.  I started judging, if newly constructed hostels are creating value for our IIT or not.  I am aware of the fact that it would decrease my value if i am not submitting assignments on time.  I am not a back bencher anymore i started sitting in front rows.  To be a person who creates value.

Your comments are welcome!

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