The 4A’s that build Incredible Management and Successful Executives

In this article I will discuss the A’s that cause management to be incredible and executives to be successful. You too can be successful.

The 4 A’s of Incredible Management

In my book, Value Creation: The Definitive Guide for Business Leaders, I added a 4th A (Ability) to what Management gurus talk about in the 3 A’s to ready ourselves for the future:




The 4th A: Ability, which is aided by training, education, knowledge management, hard work, management style, creativity and innovativeness. (That is why you need this in your company).

Think about the future, self-tuning companies and agility, adaptation and ambidextrousness run by able CEOs, moving from selling to Customers to becoming his buying aide.

Your company’s Customer Value Index can be improved through Value Creation and the use of the 4 A’s.

Many consultants will say ability is a given, but I think it is underplayed. The CXOs’ ability is crucial to the success of the company. Their ability to change, to work in a disruptive environment, their ability to think through the challenges and play the right cards, to strategize and motivate are crucial.

You all understand Adaptiveness and Agility. Ambidextrousness is the ability to handle two opposingly different strategies and tasks simultaneously.

You need to create these 4A’s in your company to be successful

The 4 A’s of SuccessfulExecutives:

Neil Pasricha, Director, The Institute for Global Happiness mentions:


Attitude and


as being necessary traits for executives. In my estimate,you first have to build your self-esteem and believe in yourself. Without awareness, you will be lost. Attitude is most important. As W. Clement Stone said, there is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a bigdifference. That little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.

Authenticity is about being genuine, and true to yourself and with others, being dependable and honest.

I add a 4thA and that is ABILITY. I would add belonging and a sense of ownership. I also suggest an ABCD:


Ability, Awareness, Authenticity, Attitude, the 4As of successful executives.



DNA Do Not Annoy

You can all create value and install incredible management and become successful executives.

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