CustomerThink Names 12 Global Thought Leaders as Advisers for 2017

CustomerThink, the world’s largest online community focused on Customer-centric Business, has named 12 global thought leaders as Advisors.

Advisors write columns exclusively for CustomerThink on topics critical to the editorial strategy, including analytics, customer experience, customer service, employee engagement, innovation, marketing, and value creation.

These experts are exceptionally well qualified to help executives understand how to create a successful customer-centric business in today’s challenging market conditions, where it’s essential to deliver differentiating experiences that create value for customers and the business. CustomerThink founder/CEO Bo Thompson says, “My sincere thanks to the Advisors for contributing their insights to help business leaders understand how to succeed with customer-centric business management.”

One of CustomerThink’s top-ranked authors and a founding Advisor in 2014 is Michael Lowenstein, Thought Leadership Principal at Beyond Philosophy. According to Dr. Lowenstein, who will be writing about the connection between employee and customer experience in 2017, “Perspectives from CustomerThink Advisors are a respected and highly authoritative resource for everyone involved in Customer Experience, helping organizations build more stakeholder-centric cultures. I am pleased to be among these contributors, where we can share insights and engage with the CustomerThink community.”

The complete list of Advisors, with their 2017 column topics, is as follows:

Ian Golding, Customer Experience Consultancy Ltd. (United Kingdom)
“Building Skills for Customer Experience Leadership”

  • Lynn Hunsaker, ClearAction (United States)
    “Keys to Customer-Centered Business”
  • Michael Lowenstein, Beyond Philosophy (United States)
    “Connecting Employee and Customer Experience”
  • Gautam Mahajan, Customer Value Foundation (India)
    “Customer Value — Step-By-Step Guide”
  • Nancy Porte, Verint (United States)
    “A CX Practitioner’s Playbook”
  • Bill Price, Antuit (United States)
    “Applying Analytics to Improve Customer Experience”
  • Ernan Roman, ERDM (United States)
    “Innovation in Personalization and CX”
  • Chris Ryan, Fusion Marketing Partners (United States)
    “Optimizing the B2B Lead-to-Revenue Process”
  • Krista Sheridan, TELUS (Canada)
    “How to Build a Culture that Empowers Your CX Vision”
  • Tony Ulwick, Strategyn (United States)
    “How to Innovate Using Jobs-To-Be-Done Theory”
  • Jeremy Watkin, FCR (United States)
    “Service Excellence in the Contact Center — People and Technology”
  • Thomas Wieberneit, aheadCRM/Epikonic (New Zealand)
    “Artificial Intelligence Trends and Applications”

A new Advisor for 2017, Christopher Ryan, CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners, will focus on how to optimize the B2B lead-to-revenue process. Mr. Ryan says that “CustomerThink should be commended for offering this terrific resource for businesses. I am honored to be part of a group of thought leaders that are committed to helping organizations optimize the customer-centric disciplines of CX, marketing, customer service, and more. The strategic and tactical advice we provide can help companies meet their important 2017 objectives.”

For 2017, more business practitioners will be sharing their insights based on real-world experience. For example, Jeremy Watkin, the Head of Quality at contact center outsource firm FCR, will be writing about how to deliver excellent service experiences in the contact center. “We have a unique opportunity and challenge as customer service leaders to balance the needs of our agents and customers with those of the business,” says Mr. Watkin. “I aim to explore this balance and highlight ways in which better customer service, along with smart use of technology, drives success.”

For more details, please visit the Advisors home page at


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