The Negative Experience can be Destructive for you: Don’t just focus on the positive experience!!

Most companies work on giving a positive experience to Customers: Most of the time, not all of the time.

The positive experience works when everything goes right. Your systems and your digital interaction work well. The order is placed.

The problems really start when something goes awry. The wrong item arrives, or the item gets delayed. Then what? Most companies fail here. Just as Amazon did. I wrote an article on LinkedIn on my negative experience: where the wrong ink cartridge was sent by Amazon (not once but twice) and I could not use the printer. Amazon had no system to correct the wrong, other than, return it and re-order. The people I talked to hid behind “this is our policy” to hell with the Customer statements!

I am sure if I had talked to the right person at Amazon, they would have righted the wrong, right away and got me the ink replacement pronto.

But I am not sure they would have corrected the process to change the system, the policy and the blasé attitude.

Negative experience….the seller makes a mistake. He does not try to rectify it. He wants you to do many things (Take photographs, re-order, repack the product etc.) all a unnecessary Customer journey and Customer effort one had not bargained for!

Companies need to work on preventing negative experiences, or at the very least turn them into positive ones! Do not destroy value! Else face deterioration of business.

Lets get to zero complaints and avoid these problems for the Customer.

Have you ever faced such problems with suppliers?

Would love your comments and help. We are happy to help others in education and executive education on courses in Value Creation.


Gautam Mahajan,
President, Customer Value Foundation and Inter-Link India

Founder editor, Journal of Creating Value
K-185 Sarai Jullena, New Delhi 110025
+91 98100 60368, 011-26831226

Twitter @ValueCreationJ

Customer Value Foundation (CVF) helps companies to Create Value and profit by Creating Value for the Customers, employee and for each person working with the companies.

Total Customer Value Management (Total CVM) transforms the entire company to focus on Creating Value for the Customer by aligning each person’s role in Creating Customer Value and getting shareholder wealth and Value.


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