The Virtual Company

Purchasing professionals are focused on adding value to their companies, and so are sales and marketing professionals selling to them. All this will change with the Virtual Company.

Some time ago I wrote about the anonymous company. That companies hide behind the inanimate idea of a company. It has no heart, no soul. It is as if the humans in the company have let go of their humanity to the clutches of efficiency and corporate profits. The more virtual we become, the more virtuous we will be.

The company (read its people) are driving it to a robotic virtual existence, where the emotional connect has to come from the brand, the product or the customer eco system, discussing the pros and cons of the company and its products.

In so doing, the cleverness of the company comes from making the Customers believe this is best for them, this is good for them, and in making them conform. Some conform because they have no choice, others because they don’t care (read apathy or inertia). But a large proportion adapt because they believe they are first movers, they believe they belong; they believe they are in control, (what the company is trying to depict)

The company will have virtual vendors, virtual partners, virtual supply chain and virtual shareholders; a state of perpetual motion trying to make society virtual.

But we humans are in the clutches of the virtual company. All is well till something goes wrong. What is your recourse? Whom do you talk to? Where do you take your complaints? Where do you get justice?

Companies will tell you are getting a great experience. I think in the future, marketing will focus on the emotional part of the customer, and also on the neural suggestive marketing

Do you believe it? Do you want it?

This will lead to virtual parents, virtual children, all in one great amorphous cloud, an amorphous society with all boundaries blurred. The Customer becomes also the employee and the owner, and perhaps this gives him an emotional connect.

What then, will happen to real people?

Would love your comments and help. We are happy to help others in education and executive education on courses in Value Creation.


 Gautam Mahajan,
President, Customer Value Foundation and Inter-Link India

Founder editor, Journal of Creating Value
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