Why Philip Kotler Recommended Gautam Mahajan’s New Book

Philip Kotler wrote on Gautam Mahajan’s new book, How Creating Customer Value Makes You a Great Executive:

“Gautam Mahajan is clearly a top expert on Creating Customer Value. The key to winning the customer war is to know how to create superior customer value. Mahajan shows you how to do this.” Philip Kotler, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University  

Read how to become a great expert and a success on being a Customer Leader!

 This is what others as saying:

“All too often we read that a such and such a book is timely and important for a given domain and indeed this has become a rather clichéd expression. However, in the case of How Creating Customer Value Makes You a Great Executive such statements are completely merited and valid. The author Gautam Mahajan, Founder Editor of the Journal of Creating Value and President of Customer Value Foundation, has produced a book which offers a potent mixture of manual and thought-provoking philosophical call-to-arms on the critical issue of creating value. The book’s arguments and presentations are filled with excellent examples and diagrams which provide executives and managers with maps to understand and explore value creation. This is a vital text for the twenty first century.” Professor Peter Stokes, Leicester Castle Business School, De Montfort University (UK)

“Value, the personal and individual perception of what a product or service is worth (rationally and emotionally) to a customer, relative to alternatives available in the marketplace, is perhaps the most challenging concept for enterprises and leaders to define and execute. In this comprehensive book, Gautam Mahajan, a world expert in customer-perceived value, the understanding of real benefit is taken well beyond merely understanding the customer experience journey and the effect of pricing. Value is built on experience memory, and the tangible and functional components of vendor-provided products and services; and the book examines the enterprise culture, processes, feedback channels, messaging and positioning which impact customer decision-making. The book offers actionable tools for calculating and strategically sustaining perceived value and customer loyalty. Finally, the author provides two important foundations for organizations to follow. The first is a Customer Bill of Rights, with examples, stating the parameters of what the vendor will provide and what the customer should expect. The second, especially important (and something very few books cover), addresses drivers of employee commitment and contribution to added value for customers. All in all, the book provides needed insights and methods for every organization and manager.” – Michael Lowenstein, PhD, CMC, Thought Leadership Principal, Beyond Philosophy (www.beyondphilosophy.com), author of Employee AmbassadorshipCustomers Inside, Customers Outside, and The Customer Advocate and The Customer Saboteur. 

“Only about 10% of firms are highly effective at creating value for, and from, customers. In this book, Gautam Mahajan pulls back the curtain to reveal why value creation is a critical discipline for every CEO and then backs it up with practice advice on how to make value creation a way of life.

With disruptive innovators attacking every industry, I can think of no greater priority.” Bob Thompson, CEO, CustomerThink Corp., Author Hooked On Customers: The Five Habits of Legendary Customer-Centric Companies

“Reading How Creating Customer Value Makes You a Great Executive showed me how someone with Gautam’s experience could write a comprehensive book on an important topic and provide a perfect level of detail in relatively few pages. Included in each chapter is not only the “technical” information but also a set of exercises to help the reader apply the reading to her own situation. The authors description of the Value Waterfalls and quantifying Value Added should provide the reader with enough motivation to take her business into the world of Value Creation leaders, with the attendant shareholder benefits.”—Sam Klaidman, Middlesex Consulting and President Customer Value Creation International

Find the book at http://www.businessexpertpress.com/books/how-creating-customer-value-makes-you-a-great-executive/


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One Comment on “Why Philip Kotler Recommended Gautam Mahajan’s New Book”

  1. I highly value Gautam’s work and friendship. My foray into value creation and experience management started in 1990 for HP through 2001 creating HP’s strongest product launches, channels and market inspired programs. Gautam and I connected as I applied it to an evolved sense of systems thinking and a true sense of customer values and the basis of change we see upon us today. Gautam remains a crown jewel of value creation while I work on how to shift todays change resistant companies to embrace the value tenets shaping the requirement for greater business humanity. That is leading to new work in the impending interdependency economy and I expect Gautam’s lifetime of championing value creation to soon become the top CEO priority it deserves to be.

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