The International Conference on Creating Value for the Future of AI and Society

The International Conference on Creating Value for the Future of AI and Society whose flyer is down below. More information can be got from CREATINGVALUE.CO

Flyer 1 pageICCV for AI


Conference was held in New York in May 2019 and was a huge success. Many senior academics and business CEOs said this was the best conference they ever attended. Fordham University newsletter said:

“The Marketing Area organized and hosted the Second Global Conference on Creating Value at Lincoln Center on May 14-15. The conference co-chaired by Sertan Kabadayi and Gautam Mahajan, the President of Customer Value Foundation, had 158 participants from 18 countries. There were 16 Plenary Speakers including 3 Distinguished Professors like Christian Gronroos, Raj Sisodia, Philip Kotler, 8 CEOs, one of which was Russ Klein, the CEO of the American Marketing Association(AMA), and 48 Academic Paper Presentations. The keynote speaker of the conference was Philip Kotler” (pictured here)

Philp Cotler Keynote speaker


Gautam Mahajan,
President, Customer Value Foundation and Inter-Link India
Founder Editor, Journal of Creating Value
New Delhi 110065 +91 98100 60368
Twitter @ValueCreationJ Blogs:
Author of Value CreationTotal Customer Value ManagementCustomer Value InvestmentHow Creating Customer Value Makes you a Great ExecutiveThe Value ImperativeValue Dominant Logic
Come to the ​Second​ Global Conference on Creating Value, May ​2019 ​ in New York
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