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Value School in Kobe University Announced

There was exciting news for the Creating Value community when Kobe University’s Vice President, Katsuhiko Kokubu announced on October 15, 2019 that Kobe University will start a Value School from April 2020 and will be fully operational from 2022. Value will be a common platform throughout the university and provide a certification of KOBE UNIVERSITY VALUE CREATOR for students. The V School will develop educational program for businessperson and construct a collaboration network with business.

The Head of School will be Professor Katsuhiko Kokubu, Vice President of Kobe University and Professor of Finance. The Associate Heads will be Dean and Professor Hisashi Tamaki, Graduate School of System Information; and Professor Kenji Kutsuna, Graduate School of Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

They will be aided by Associate Professor Hiroki Tsuruta, Office for Academic and Industrial Innovation and by Assistant Professor Keiko Gion, Graduate School of Engineering.

Kobe University defines Value as the sense of well-being, which is what we define Value as: doing good and improving the well-being and worth of people, institutes, society and companies.

Value School’s Challenge for the Future is:

  • Create a new academic and educational field on #ValueCreation
  • Construct strong international networks on #ValueCreation and entrepreneurship such as with the Journal of Creating Value, UC San Diego, Cornell University, University of Sheffield, etc.
  • Through #CreatingValues, solve social issues, and then develop local and international economy and society

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