Creating Value and 2020

Dear Friends,

I am reaching out to my contacts and friends to thank them for their support to the Creating Value movement. If you are not a member of the Customer Value Alliance do so now at for free

Also, I wanted to wish you a very Happy 2020 and great times ahead.

The Creating Value movement is doing well, with conferences in 2020 in Boston, Aaalborg (Denmark), Amsterdam, Kobe, Geneva, Paris, Szczecin Poland and Osaka.

A Creating Value Centre is starting in Aalborg, Denmark and a Value School at the Kobe University in Japan.

Do let me know if we can do some programs together.



Gautam Mahajan, President, Customer Value Foundation

Founder Editor, Journal of Creating Value

New Delhi 110065 +91 98100 60368

Twitter @ValueCreationJ


Author of Value Creation, Total Customer Value Management, Customer Value Investment, How Creating Customer Value Makes you a Great Executive, The Value Imperative, Value Dominant Logic

Come to the Third Global Conference on Creating Value, June 2-3, 2020 in Paris France

Join the Creating Value Alliance at

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