Value Creation and Marketing

Dear Friends, This is to share with you what Professor Philip Kotler has said about marketing and Value Creation. He has said marketing is all about Creating Value. 

Also below are two seminal conferences that I will be speaking at, and a short write up about the Value School at the Kobe University, Japan and the Creating Value School at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Value Creation and Marketing

Leading marketers see modern marketing to be all about value creation. Marketing aims to meet human needs by creating value.

He goes on to say: I do not know what you thought marketing was, but in my mind, marketing is intrinsically a value-creating discipline.

Outstanding marketing companies see marketing as intrinsically involved in value creation.

You can read this free on the Journal of Creating Value, till 18 October 2020 through this link at the Journal of Creating VALUE,

Valuing Value at The IAFOR Global Innovation & Value Summit (GIVS-Tokyo), November 6, 2020

I am the keynote speaker at the International Academics Forum conference, The IAFOR Global Innovation & Value Summit (GIVS-Tokyo) in Japan in November 2020:

You must attend.

World Marketing Summit: November 6 & 7, 2020

I am one of 80 world leaders speaking at the E-World Marketing Summit and the only one from India. You can get more details and register from the link below.

Value School at Kobe University and the Creating Value School at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, JAIST

Kobe University Value School can be seen at It will start in October 2020.

JAIST has just announced their Creating Value School at their Tokyo campus.


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