About Customer Value Foundation (CVF)



The Customer Value Foundation is wholly dedicated to providing Customer Value and building Customer Centric organizations. The CVF was founded by Inter-Link Services, who are strategy consultants helping foreign companies enter Asia and Indian companies globalise geographically and in the mind set. The other founder is TLC Marketing a marketing company with CVM implementation, CRM, Call Centers, Loyalty program management experience.


What is Customer Value?

Customer expectations are different from customer values.

Customer expectations of an organization are not necessarily in synch with the Organisation’s desired image. If customer expectations are low, meeting them may lead to customer satisfaction, but this alone does not get true customer loyalty. If customer expectations are higher than the actual delivery, customer loyalty is doomed!

Customer Value needs to be seen from the customer’s viewpoint in terms of the value s/he sees in interacting with the organization. Interaction by definition should be a two way process. However, the choice to interact with an organization rests solely with the customer. Organisations must be customer centric.

Customers see value when they are offered services that complement their own value systems on physical, intellectual and emotional planes eg Quality, value for money and style. Alignment of the value needs of a customer and the organization maximises profits and reduces stress.

Treating customers as ‘Mentors’ affords an understanding of which services are important to customers and enables the adding of value at each Customer touch point leading to customer delight. Customer delight leads to Customer commitment, repeat business and the creation of ambassadors for the organization for new business.

Customer Value Foundation (CVF) helps companies create and capture value at all levels, leading to increased shareholder wealth.


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