Value Creation Activity in Colleges and Executive Education

Friends, Value Creation courses are finally taking off. I request Educators and Academics to work with us in instituting such courses. Also the e-Customer Experience University is being formed, and we look to partner a physical university for a Value Creation college.

Here are some examples of Value Creation courses/meetings with executives, university administrators, HRD chiefs and CEOs/CXOs

  1. Gautam Mahajan recently gave a course at IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Mandi on Value Creation for Engineers
  2. A series of courses to the IIT Delhi and IIT Mandi staff including the Registrar and his reports on Value Creation for and by employees, These were delivered by Gautam Mahajan, Kall Ramanathan and Dr Vinay Kumar
  3. A masterclass workshop on Value Creation and getting a Price for it at the Asian Pricing Summit on December 1, 2015 at Singapore to be delivered by Gautam Mahajan
  4. Gautam Mahajan will be giving a workshop on December 3, 2015 at Amsterdam at the Professional Pricing Summit on Creating Value and getting a Price for it
  5. On the 7th December, there are a series of talks by Gautam Mahajan and Prof. Olaf Herman at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences to:

08:00-09:00 With researchers (both NHTV and colleagues from other institutes)

– what is value creation and how do you measure it

– topics that can be researched

– publishing in the new Sage Journal of Creating Value


10:00-11:00 With university administrators, education managers and curriculum developers

– what is value creation and how different is MBA/BBA thinking from value thinking

– offering value creation courses, electives and modules in existing courses

– the global community of value creation management teachers and students


11:00-12:15 Guest lecture by Gautam Mahajan for 3rd year strategic management students Hotel Management and Facilities and real Estate Management

– what is value creation and how can it be measured

– as a strategic view, how different is value creation from resource based view, market based view, stakeholder based view and trend based view

– value creation strategies and implementations

– do companies have value creation in their strategies? why? why not?

– what can value creation mean for you as a management student?


13:30-15:30 Meeting with human resource managers in Hotel Management

– what is value creation and how can it be measured

– do you create value for customers? do you create value for employees?

– employee value, loyalty and churn

– Customer Centric Circles, the Bill of Rights and the Circle of Promises

– training and value creation: the mind-set difference

– designing a training experiment in hotels


15:30-17:15 Meeting with C-suite Executives

– Gautam Mahajan: the one slide value creator

– Olaf Hermans: the one slide wheel of value orientations (options)

– each participant: the one slide value creation model in our company

– discussion: value, focus, or profit: a balancing act


  1. On October 8, 2015, in an interactive session with faculty headed by Director Menno Van Dijk and THNK School of Creative Leadership faculty on Value creation and how to scale up innovative start-up enterprise – it integrates creative leadership, scaling strategies and scale-up management practices.

We continue to work on the Value Creation Index.

Would love your comments and help. We are happy to help others in education and executive education on courses in Value Creation


Gautam Mahajan

Founding Editor, Journal of Creating Value,

President-Customer Value Foundation
M: +91 9810060368
Tel: 11-26831226, Fax: 11-26929055

Customer Value Foundation (CVF) helps companies to Create Value and profit by Creating Value for the Customers, employee and for each person working with the companies.

Total Customer Value Management (Total CVM) transforms the entire company to focus on Creating Value for the Customer by aligning each person’s role in Creating Customer Value and getting shareholder wealth and Value.

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