Creating Value for Yourself

Normally, my articles are focused on CEO’s and transforming companies to create value. I realise my readers’ list consists of a large number of executives who are trying to move upwards. This article is for them, but my CEO readers will learn also about not only promoting value creation, but also helping executives to create value. CEO’s, then, will also create value for themselves.

Most of us do not have a strategy for ourselves. We need to ask ourselves what we want out of life, out of work and what we value at work. Is it learning, is it getting recognised, is it being given responsibility, is it a sense of belonging and being part of a group of people, is it the values of the company, the growth of the company, the reputation of the company, the challenge, opportunity to achieve, the management, the colleagues, the prospects for advancement, the money? Which are more important? Monetary gains or other monetary advantages such as free courses, travel and an expense report, etc. or is it the other benefits?

We call all of this employee value, or what you as an employee value. Value means how worthwhile is it for you to work for this company versus working somewhere else? What is important? The monetary terms or the benefits you perceive you are getting? Which of the benefit terms are most important? So is money 60% in importance and the benefits 40%, or vice versa?

But you cannot stop here. If you want to go ahead you have to create value not just for yourself but for your colleagues, your bosses and for your company. In this article, I will focus on the value you can create for your company.

Ask, what will make me a valuable person in this company? What will make the company take notice of me? Is it just doing the expected well or better than others? Or going the extra mile? Or creating ideas, methods, thoughts that will make the company or your department more valuable? What are these extra steps you can take?

All this builds your brand equity. You are known by the brand you create for yourself. If your name is Vijay, what is brand Vijay in the eyes of the company? Does Brand Vijay mean dependability and reliability and getting the job done? Or brand Vijay means he not only gets the job done, but he thinks of better ways of doing the job and thinks ahead to the next step.

Having good brand equity means people (your colleagues, bosses, suppliers and customers) want to deal with you. Poor brand equity means they are saying I do not want to deal with him or worse still, keep him out of my way.

So CEO’s how do you create value for your employees. How do you help them create value for your customers and companies? I have written about this inCreating Value is the Key Role of An Executive andWhy Value Creation is more Important than Value Extraction? And Do your Employees Feel Valued?


Employee Value Added =        Value you add to your employees

                                                        Value your competitor adds to its employees

We help companies measure employee value (and why employees want to stay with you, or move from you, and whether your competitors are creating better value?). We also help you and your employees create value.

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